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Health Insurance While Traveling

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Does Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Cover both in a couple?

Buying a Medigap or Medicare supplement plans of insurance helps in covering the costs as out-of-pocket such that Part A and Part B Medicare does not cover. This includes paying for coinsurance and deductibles through Medigap. The Medicare supplement plans of insurance offer limited coverage as well during foreign travel emergencies.

Can my spouse and I have same Medigap plan?

In case you are considering a plan covering you and your spouse, you must know that Medicare Supplement plans do not cover spouses. Same as the other Medicare plans, Medicare Supplement plans of insurance is designed only for one person. Thus, no Medicare Supplement insurance plans offer coverage to the spouse. This indicates that even a married couple should have Medicare Supplement insurance coverage as two separate policies.

When to enroll in a Medigap plan?

The right time to get enrolled in Medicare Supplement is now at  for 2019.   During this period, the insurance companies may not employ the medical underwriting to deny coverage based on past or current health problems, though you may face a waiting period prior to the coverage starting. Buying Medicare Supplement plans of insurance outside your Open Enrollment Period is possible, if special conditions are applicable. In case no special conditions apply, denial of coverage depending on the health condition is possible or you may have to bear higher premium.

The Medicare Supplement Plans Open Enrollment Period starts on the month first day that you attain 65 or older and it is expected to be enrolled in Part B Medicare. Depending on the birthday and your ages, you and your spouse will get different Open Enrollment Periods. However, some states have extra Open Enrollment Periods even for under age 65 people.

How can a spouse receive health care?

If your spouse is younger and is not Medicare eligible, he or she will require a different health insurance type as you become Medicare eligible. Other health-care types in Medicare could be a group plan as employer-sponsored, or health insurance bought through the Health Insurance Marketplace. As your spouse turns 65, he becomes eligible to enroll in Part A and B Medicare and to buy   Medicare Supplement plans.

You and your spouse may buy the same policy, or different policies as per your health-care needs. Remember that not all the plans of Medicare Supplement insurance cover at same levels the benefits.

Medigap Insurance, Why Do You Need It?

Generally, a Medicare Insurance covers about 80% of specific kinds of hospitalizations, surgeries, medical drugs, sorts of rigging, and so on. The correct measure of coverage will rely upon whether you merely have Part A coverage or you have also picked the non-fundamental Part B coverage as well.

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Nevertheless, however, the optional Part B coverage considered, a lot of clients are even now constrained to spend additional costs from their own specific pockets to get a handle on the extra 20% not secured by the insurance. The all-inclusive community generally can’t remain to compensate for these co-portion wholes.


Heaps of game plans for these Medicare supplement insurance (generally insinuated as Medigap) are modified to particularly empower individuals to hold up under the co-portion whole. Notwithstanding the way that different components run Medigap game plans, they altogether take after the Medicare rules.


Before long, there are 12 insurance outlines or Medigaps that pass the Medicare standard. Indicated “A” to “L,” these Medigaps are offering different points of interest at differing costs relying upon the co-portion called for by the client. Each approach should sconsider key Medicare benefits if all else fails, paying little respect to whether the sort and level of coverage change.


An elective Medicare supplement insurance game plan that brings down in cost than the others is called Medicare Select. Nevertheless, the catch is Medicare Select is kept to specific specialists and hospitals of their choice.


The points of interest gave by each one of the 12 Medicare supplement insurance outlines are near the beginning with one company then onto the following. For example, if you settle on a course of action ‘L,’ it will turn out the same paying little regard to which company offered it. Regardless, the difference begins from the premiums which change significantly. However, picking a higher premium does not mean you will get more than what is the standard for every game plan.


The most suitable time to purchase a Medigap configuration is inside the first bit of the year following your selection to a Medicare Part B. The Insurers are obliged to recognize you at this moment not considering any prosperity conditions that is starting at now present.


Three ways offer Medigap outline premiums, achieved age, issue age, and gathering assessed. Mainly for people who just came to 65 yrs of age, the refined age procedure gives the scarcest premiums. Before long, incentives wind up higher as your age increases, by ordinary every one, three, or five years, most, by and large, accomplishing the most significant sum when people can’t deal with the cost of them anymore. The issue age methodology gives premiums rely upon the age when you picked up it. This present strategy’s incentive doesn’t end up higher with age. The society assessed technique gives people get to a specific territory pay a comparative premium without contemplating their age.

Enrolling in Medicare Supplement plans

In this article, we are going to discuss that what are those times of the year in which you can enroll in the Part C plans offered by the UnitedHealthcare known as the United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans.

So one can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at the following periods and at the following site:

Medicare supplement plan G 2019

Initial Coverage Election Period: One can enroll in the Medicare Supplement plan or in Prescription drug Plan for first time when he or she becomes eligible for the Medicare. The initial coverage election period is a seven-month long period which begins three months prior to month in which you turn 65 and also includes your birthday month itself and lasts till three months after you turn 65 years old. If someone has a disability and receives social security disability, then he or she qualifies for Medicare in 25th month after he or she received his or her social security perks. So, if you think you cover any of mentioned requirements, then you can request for enrollment during three months before you turn 65, in your birthday month, or after three months you turn 65. For example, if your Medicare Parts A and B coverage starts in month of August, then your Medicare Supplement plan ICEP falls in months from May through July.

AEP: Stands for the Annual Election period.  AEP lasts from October 15th through December 7th per year.  Health insurance Supplement plan that you choose during this span starts its coverage from 1st of January of following year. This period permits members of different plans to modify, add, or remove their plans. Therefore, one can use this period to enroll in health insurance Supplement plan, Prescription Drug plan, or to modify them. If you are already a plan member, then you can withdraw your enrollment in this period as well.

Medicare Supplement disenrollment period: In case someone made the wrong choice in selecting the health insurance Supplement plan then he or she can revert back to his or her Original Medicare with parts A and B from 1st of January through 14th of February every year. Also if anyone loses their Prescription Drug coverage due to disenrollment, then they can enroll themselves in separate Prescription Drug Plan during this span of 2 months.

Therefore, one can use any of periods mentioned above to enroll him or herself into best possible Medicare Supplement plans. These enrollment periods grant us enough time in a year to review our options and make the right choice.

Overview of AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

With Medicare Advantage (MA) plans – Medicare Part C as it is sometimes called – you can enjoy all the benefits of Medicare Part A and B. most of them come with benefits like a nurse helpline, a wellness services, a fitness program, and a routine vision and hearing care. If you would like coverage beyond what Original Medicare offers (excluding prescription drug coverage depending on the plan), then an MA plan might be just what you need.

Why AARP Medicare Advantage

With an AARP Medicare Advantage plan, you will receive all the benefits of Part A, those of Part B as well as prescription drug coverage from Part D in one easy and convenient plan. An AARP advantage plan may be the choice if you want all the benefits of an MA plan as well as coverage for prescription drugs.

Types of AARP Advantage plans

AARP advantage plans come in many forms and information can be found at

These are:

  1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans

If you subscribe to this option, you will be required to get services from AARP’s network of local providers except for urgent care visits, emergency room visits, and renal dialysis services. A referral might be needed to see a specialist depending on the type of HMO you subscribed to. Your out-of-pocket costs will generally be lower than that of PPO and POS.

  1. Point-of-Service (POS) Plans

This is similar to HMO but with more flexibility. POS plans allows you to see providers outside the network for certain services. However, it might cost you more to do so. A referral might be needed if you are planning to see a specialist. Out-of-pocket costs tend to be higher than that of HMO but lower than PPO.

  1. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans

Another flexible plan that lets you visit providers outside the network for all services covered. It may, however, be rather expensive to do so. PPO does not require referrals from any patient who wishes to see a specialist. Out-of-pocket costs are higher than HMO and PPO plan.

  1. Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans

United Healthcare, through AARP, also offers non-network PFFS plans. This simply means you are free to use any hospital or doctor that is approved by Medicare and accepts the terms and condition of the plan you are subscribed to. Referrals are not required if you are going to see a specialist.


Are you new to Medicare? Moving? Turning 65? Retiring? Do you qualify for assistance or have some other qualifying situation? Then you are probably eligible to enroll in an AARP MA plan.

Touching basic of Medicare Supplement Plans

While a lot of people who are enrolled in the Medicare program get their healthcare benefits from the Original Medicare but some of them have also moved towards a new mode of healthcare supplements known as the Part C.  The Part C plan is offered by some of the top private health insurance companies like Aetna by name of the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans (it is only in case of Aetna, each company chooses its own names). The Medicare Supplement plans make contracts with the federal government, and in turn, the government pays a fixed amount to company for each of insurer’s enrollee to offer him or her best healthcare benefits.

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Best thing about health insurance Supplement plans is that its enrollees get to keep their Original Medicare as well. This means that enrollees of health insurance Supplement plans will have to still pay monthly premiums of Medicare Part B. As we have already said that these plans are made by making contract with federal government, therefore, government bounds plan providing companies to offer all benefits to their enrollees which are found in Original Medicare.  Essential point to note is that different health insurance Supplement plans can charge different costs, place restrictions which can directly affect quality of healthcare that you receive.  Health insurance Supplement plans score more points than Original Medicare because they offer more benefits such as routine dental, hearing, and vision checkups.

Health insurance Supplement plans have revolutionized healthcare benefits by placing maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs, due to which enrollees save a lot of money.  Enrollee only pays some part of service expense as out-of-pocket costs, and when his out-of-pocket costs reach maximum threshold, and then all further coverage is provided by plan provider.  Maximum out-of-pocket cost for year 2018 has been set at $6,700.

Do note following essential points:

  • Network of service providers for every health insurance Supplement plan varies because it depends on the plan provider (insurance company) that how do they want to manage things.
  • Terms and conditions also vary from one plan to another; similarly, terms and conditions also change.


When seniors are travelling, they ought to put a few things right to ensure that whatever challenges they may face, its well managed to make sure that the trip they intend to take is successful.

The below tips will help the seniors have wonderful travel and avoid any inconveniences that may come on the way.

Medicare Supplement plans 2019

  • Doctor Consultations- Before embarking on the tour, ensure that you visit the doctor so that the preventive measures are undertaken, and in case the area may affect you because of the change of weather patterns, then take immunizations appropriately. Also ensure that in case you are on medication, all prescriptions are in place as you travel.
  • Research for senior discounts- In most of the travel destinations, there are those discounts offered to seniors who are above 55 years of age so that you can make the best preference.
  • Only use the trusted websites while inquiring about travel destinations- This will avoid being misled by unfaithful people who are online mainly to con innocent seniors. The best recommendation is to inquire from people who have already had tourist travels and have a vast experience of the same.
  • While packing for the travel, ensure you pack lightly to reduce the burden of carrying so many unnecessary items. Ensure that you have done enough inquiries of the weather patterns to avoid shock upon arrival.
  • Travel Insurance Make sure that you have travel insurance ready because at times the unexpected happens such as injuries or flu that may render you to stop the journey at some point. Even though you may have carried medications, sometimes a different illness may occur which will require additional medicine. An additional cost of insurance will help manage such challenges during travel and make it an interesting adventure. Quotes for Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 can be obtained by visiting
  • Before leaving, make a checklist and ensure that whatever you require. As you plan for the journey, ensure that all the basic requirements are in place and packed. The checklist should be ticked once the item has been packed to avoid forgetting or even packing it twice. With this, you will not miss out on any essential item that you would wish to carry along with you.


Planning is always the best and the most important factor because if you fail to plan on anything, then you plan to fail. The trip can be disastrous if not properly planned for and this article will come in hardy to support all the travel destinations.


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