Buying a Medigap or Medicare supplement plans of insurance helps in covering the costs as out-of-pocket such that Part A and Part B Medicare does not cover. This includes paying for coinsurance and deductibles through Medigap. The Medicare supplement plans of insurance offer limited coverage as well during foreign travel emergencies.

Can my spouse and I have same Medigap plan?

In case you are considering a plan covering you and your spouse, you must know that Medicare Supplement plans do not cover spouses. Same as the other Medicare plans, Medicare Supplement plans of insurance is designed only for one person. Thus, no Medicare Supplement insurance plans offer coverage to the spouse. This indicates that even a married couple should have Medicare Supplement insurance coverage as two separate policies.

When to enroll in a Medigap plan?

The right time to get enrolled in Medicare Supplement is now at  for 2019.   During this period, the insurance companies may not employ the medical underwriting to deny coverage based on past or current health problems, though you may face a waiting period prior to the coverage starting. Buying Medicare Supplement plans of insurance outside your Open Enrollment Period is possible, if special conditions are applicable. In case no special conditions apply, denial of coverage depending on the health condition is possible or you may have to bear higher premium.

The Medicare Supplement Plans Open Enrollment Period starts on the month first day that you attain 65 or older and it is expected to be enrolled in Part B Medicare. Depending on the birthday and your ages, you and your spouse will get different Open Enrollment Periods. However, some states have extra Open Enrollment Periods even for under age 65 people.

How can a spouse receive health care?

If your spouse is younger and is not Medicare eligible, he or she will require a different health insurance type as you become Medicare eligible. Other health-care types in Medicare could be a group plan as employer-sponsored, or health insurance bought through the Health Insurance Marketplace. As your spouse turns 65, he becomes eligible to enroll in Part A and B Medicare and to buy   Medicare Supplement plans.

You and your spouse may buy the same policy, or different policies as per your health-care needs. Remember that not all the plans of Medicare Supplement insurance cover at same levels the benefits.