In this article, we are going to discuss that what are those times of the year in which you can enroll in the Part C plans offered by the UnitedHealthcare known as the United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans.

So one can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at the following periods and at the following site:

Medicare supplement plan G 2019

Initial Coverage Election Period: One can enroll in the Medicare Supplement plan or in Prescription drug Plan for first time when he or she becomes eligible for the Medicare. The initial coverage election period is a seven-month long period which begins three months prior to month in which you turn 65 and also includes your birthday month itself and lasts till three months after you turn 65 years old. If someone has a disability and receives social security disability, then he or she qualifies for Medicare in 25th month after he or she received his or her social security perks. So, if you think you cover any of mentioned requirements, then you can request for enrollment during three months before you turn 65, in your birthday month, or after three months you turn 65. For example, if your Medicare Parts A and B coverage starts in month of August, then your Medicare Supplement plan ICEP falls in months from May through July.

AEP: Stands for the Annual Election period.  AEP lasts from October 15th through December 7th per year.  Health insurance Supplement plan that you choose during this span starts its coverage from 1st of January of following year. This period permits members of different plans to modify, add, or remove their plans. Therefore, one can use this period to enroll in health insurance Supplement plan, Prescription Drug plan, or to modify them. If you are already a plan member, then you can withdraw your enrollment in this period as well.

Medicare Supplement disenrollment period: In case someone made the wrong choice in selecting the health insurance Supplement plan then he or she can revert back to his or her Original Medicare with parts A and B from 1st of January through 14th of February every year. Also if anyone loses their Prescription Drug coverage due to disenrollment, then they can enroll themselves in separate Prescription Drug Plan during this span of 2 months.

Therefore, one can use any of periods mentioned above to enroll him or herself into best possible Medicare Supplement plans. These enrollment periods grant us enough time in a year to review our options and make the right choice.