While a lot of people who are enrolled in the Medicare program get their healthcare benefits from the Original Medicare but some of them have also moved towards a new mode of healthcare supplements known as the Part C.  The Part C plan is offered by some of the top private health insurance companies like Aetna by name of the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans (it is only in case of Aetna, each company chooses its own names). The Medicare Supplement plans make contracts with the federal government, and in turn, the government pays a fixed amount to company for each of insurer’s enrollee to offer him or her best healthcare benefits.

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Best thing about health insurance Supplement plans is that its enrollees get to keep their Original Medicare as well. This means that enrollees of health insurance Supplement plans will have to still pay monthly premiums of Medicare Part B. As we have already said that these plans are made by making contract with federal government, therefore, government bounds plan providing companies to offer all benefits to their enrollees which are found in Original Medicare.  Essential point to note is that different health insurance Supplement plans can charge different costs, place restrictions which can directly affect quality of healthcare that you receive.  Health insurance Supplement plans score more points than Original Medicare because they offer more benefits such as routine dental, hearing, and vision checkups.

Health insurance Supplement plans have revolutionized healthcare benefits by placing maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs, due to which enrollees save a lot of money.  Enrollee only pays some part of service expense as out-of-pocket costs, and when his out-of-pocket costs reach maximum threshold, and then all further coverage is provided by plan provider.  Maximum out-of-pocket cost for year 2018 has been set at $6,700.

Do note following essential points:

  • Network of service providers for every health insurance Supplement plan varies because it depends on the plan provider (insurance company) that how do they want to manage things.
  • Terms and conditions also vary from one plan to another; similarly, terms and conditions also change.